San Diego Chair Rentals

An event is never complete without a proper seating arrangement and décor. It is not possible to have a good stock of chairs for various events at all times. Thus, a quick contact with the event rentals company solves the problem instantly. Local Event Rentals has tents, tables and chairs as well as various service equipment for buffets / banquets, portable dance floor / podium and they provide decorative pieces too to brighten up the venue. In San Diego, we have been instrumental in delivering chairs for different occasions, as per the mood of the event.

Traditional White Folding Chairs

Price: $1.50

Traditional Black Folding Chairs

Price: $1.50

Golden Chiavari Chairs

Price: $6.50

Folding Chair Rentals

For an event that requires many chairs for a large gathering, it makes sense to opt for folding chairs since they are easy to stack up and occupy less space when arranged. Thus, it is easy to accommodate a good number of chairs in a relatively small space, especially in an indoor event.

White folding chairs are appropriate for a more formal and traditional event. They look elegant and formal at the same time and lend a serene look to the event. The chairs are very easy to set up and make for comfortable seating. These are nominally priced at $1.50 + Tax.

Black folding chairs are perfect companions for black themed events like graduation party, black jack tables or other similar events. The pricing is $1.50 + Tax.

Wedding Chair Rentals

Price: $6.50

Weddings are memorable events and the newly married couple surely wishes to make it a classy event. Wedding chair rentals are classy and can be done up in style with covers and ribbon bows around back rest. Wedding chair rentals have high backrests and are cushioned for comfortable seating through the long event.

Unlike the metal folding chairs for informal events, wedding chair rentals call for proper wooden or metal chairs that give the venue and the event a sophisticated look. There are many varieties and styles to choose from and the company delivers the best suited to compliment your wedding theme.

Chiavari Chairs

The Golden Chiavari chairs are perfect for any wedding or exclusive function. They blend well with any wedding décor and are light yet sturdy chairs that look elegant on set up.

With an adequately high backrest, the chairs offer great comfort for seating. Chiavari chairs are preferred choice for formal events or weddings, as they add a touch of class to the function. These chairs are available for $6.50 + Tax.

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Local Event Rentals has been serving San Diego for quite a while now and assure best service as per client’s requirements and demands. For any local event rentals, it is easy to contact us at (619)-391-3810 or email your requirements to We are open Monday - Friday 8.00 am to 5.00 pm and Saturday- Sunday 10.00 am to 4.00 pm. In future, whenever you plan to host an event – meeting, birthday party, conference or wedding – just concentrate on your event details and leave the rest to us. You will get the best service in chair, tent, table and other utility rentals and it is a guarantee that the event will be successful and a memorable one.