San Diego Tent Rentals

Hosting your event outdoors presents opportunities to enjoy unique beautiful experiences that indoor settings just cannot meet up with. Outdoor events allow you the freedom to explore your creativity when it comes to decorations, as you are not limited to the structures of an indoor space. Tent rentals is one of the first things you should consider if you are hosting an outdoor event. Not only does it offer protection from weather elements, it gives your event a picturesque feel, transforming it into an experience your guests will not forget in a hurry.

Pop Up Tents

Price: $75 + Tax - 10'x10'
Pirce: $99.00+Tax - 10'x20'

Small Wedding Tents

Price: $300.00 + Tax - 20'x20'
Price: $375.00 + Tax - 20'x30'

*Includes Setup and Breakdown, sidewalls available for $10 ea


Organizing an outdoor event can be a challenge, especially when you want to create an orderly and cohesive space. Tent rentals give you a structure to work with, whether you’d prefer an event in a park or one at home. Even if your guests want to participate in certain outdoor games, there is always a defined space where they can return for refreshments.


When planning an outdoor event, many persons settle for their backyard or a public park. This can invite unwelcome eyes from neighbors and passersby; so, it is only natural that you may want a more intimate event even if your party is set in an outdoor space. With reception tent rentals, you can protect your guests from prying eyes and create a barrier between your event and the outside world.