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10x10 Pop up tent

The 10×10 pop up tent is perfect for game days, outdoor barbecues, and birthday parties. It is low maintenance, easy to setup, and can provide shelter from the rain. Only 1 table can fit under the tent at a time so it is good for casual settings but not large events. 

10x20 Framed Tents

Featured to the left are two different setups for the 10×20 framed tent.  This tent can easily fit 20-24 people. Featured in the picture are two 72 ” round tables and 2 6′ banquet tables. As you can see there is plenty of room to maneuver and is the perfect size for a small outdoor occasion like thanksgiving dinner with the family. 

10x30 Framed Tents

A 10×30 framed tent can fit between 32-38 people. Shown to the left are 4 6′ banquet tables and 3 72″ round tables. Each table has approximately 48″ between them, which is the recommended distance to seat people comfortably. This is a premier event tent with attachable side walls and window panes. 

20x20 Tent

20x20 Framed Tents

A 20×20 tent can be set up with a variety of different arrangements. To the right you can see two examples. The first picture shows 5 60″ round tables that can comfortably seat 50 people. Below that is a setup with 3 72″ round tables and 3 banquet tables. The tables can be set for guests or used for serving food, beverages, or various party platters. A 20×20 tent seats approximately 50-55 people.

20x30 Framed Tents

Two different arrangements are shown for the 20×30 Tent to the right. The first arrangement features 4 72″ round tables and 5 6′ banquet tables. The next arrangement features 4 sets of stacked 8′ banquet tables. The 20×30 tent can fit between 60-75 people depending on the arrangement. 

20x30 Party Tent




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